We have launched a website, Chrio Seed of Life Church, which will contain all the resources and new blog posts of the Church. While this blog will still be updated for some months to come, we recommend that you check out the website for regular updates and information that cannot be shared on this… Continue reading Attention!


God’s Habitation – Our Hope and Glory

God's glory shines forth from His dwelling place. Everything is in darkness and chaos until God's light shines to set them in order. The darker the night, the greater the need for light. The world is domiciled by evil, bereaved of hope. The devil operated with so much ruthlessness and authority because He had the… Continue reading God’s Habitation – Our Hope and Glory

Instruments of Power, Spiritual Life, The Spirit of Dominion

God’s Habitation and Glory Revealed

God's greatest desire is to reveal Himself to His children so that they may glorify Him. All His acts are to demonstrate the great love He has for us, in hope that we might realise this and turn to Him. He wants to fill us completely. He seeks fellowship with us. Jesus was God manifested… Continue reading God’s Habitation and Glory Revealed