Covenant God

God is a covenant God. He will never fail in His promises. He is committed to fulfilling all that He has uttered from His mouth, for He honours His word above all else. Even when circumstances and situations do not go in the direction we expect, we can be rest assured that God is able to fulfill all He has said.
A covenant with God brings an end to enmity. It makes us a delight unto God. This was accomplished by the blood of Jesus Christ. This act of sacrifice demonstrated God’s love and covenant with us. We have been dead with Christ, and hence bonded with Him.
Covenant is a statement of service and benefit to be rendered. God has made a covenant with us at His own expense. The cost of it is borne by God. Our own part is to trust and obey Him in all situations. We have nothing to offer unto God except our lives. And then He will do that which is beyond our expectations. We have a covenant God! Have we kept the faith? Do we do our own part of the covenant – to offer ourselves as sacrifice unto Him?
More sure than any mountain is the fulfillment of the covenant of God with us. Gen. 22:15-18. Though the mountains may be shaken and the hills may be removed, yet the covenant of God with us will never be broken. The fulfillment of God’s covenant with us is very certain. It is the very gate to Heaven. It has unspeakable values and benefits.

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