Curses: Causes and Cure

Curses are incurred when one does something that is against the will of God or the good of his neighbors. Pro. 26;2. There is always a cause for which curses come to bear upon a man.
1. God can become the source of any curse. Gen. 12;3; Deut 27:15-26. This happens when one is disobedient to the will of God and works contrary to His mandate.
2. Depending on the flesh rather than on God. jer. 17:5,6. The flesh avails nothing good but evil. Depending on the flesh is like leaning upon a broken reed.
3. Self-imposed curses. Gen. 27:11-13; Matt. 27:24,25. Statements made during times of pressure can haunt a man in future .
4. Stealing and swearing falsely. Zech 5:1-4.
In light of these, it is important for us to reflect on our lives to see where we have acted contrary to the will of God and turn back unto Him in obedience. The basis for the cure from curses is the atonement of Jesus Curst on the cross. He was made a curse for us when he was hanged on a tree. The Cross has satisfied all the legal deeds that stood against us. Gal. 3:13,14.
It is not the will of God for anyone to be cursed; but rather to be blessed. He wants to bless us exceedingly. However, it takes obedience to God to qualify us for the blessings. Let us be obedient to God at all times. Then He will exalt us and cause us to be in good health.


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