Does God always answer Prayers?

God is very pleased whenever His children approach Him in prayer. It shows their dependence upon Him for life and all they need. However, we might encounter some challenges that may make us doubt whether or not God is with us and hears us. Yes He is ever with us. He longs for us to thrust ourselves into His loving arms. How then can we know whether God always answer our prayers?
1. We can be confident of God’s response to our prayers when we first submit to His will. James 5:13-18.
2. Like Paul, sometimes we will find that God answers prayers by giving us not what we ask for but something better. He will give us that which has eternal value and significance. 2 Cor. 12:7-10.
3. Our prayers must be accompanied by willingness to obey God with our actions. Faith without works is dead. Exodus 14:15
God’s Promises To Us When We Pray:
1. God does not ignore our prayers. His ears are ever open to our cry Psalm 9:12
2. Our prayers bring us into God’s presence. He will enjoy sweet fellowship with Him. Psalm 145:18
3. God honours persistence in prayer. We must never give up until we get answers .Matt. 7:7; Luke 18:1
4. God will give us wisdom if we ask for it. Do we care to ask Him? James 1:5
5. A sincere prayer brings wonderful results. James 5:16
6. God hears our prayers when they are in line with His will. He never does anything contrary to His will or that which will bring us destruction or dishonour to His name.1 John 5:14

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