Character and Indulgence

The Image and Likeness of God is our Character

We are spiritual beings, quickened by the Spirit of God. We reflect the Spirit to the world by our character and conduct. The more we abide in His presence, the more glory we beam unto the world.
The image of God reflects on the immaterial part of man. It sets us apart from animals. Hence man is fit to dominate, control and exercise authority on earth. Gen. 1:28. We are created to be like God in every respect – mentally, socially and morally.
Three Categories of our Likeness With God
1 Mentally: A reflection of God’s wisdom and intellect and creative power in bringing forth good things for the benefit of mankind. Our actions and lifestyle should bring help and benefit to mankind. This is a sign that we are from God.
2. Morally: Man was created in righteousness. He was perfectly innocent. He was free from sin and operated by high moral standards that God exhibits.
3. Socially; Man was created for fellowship primarily with God. Gen. 3:8.
How To Build a Godly Character
Character is moral excellence and firmness. We can build our character though:
1. A life of trusting God and resisting evil influences that arise around and within us.
2. Focusing on God’s kingdom. Pursuing His Kingdom and His righteousness with all tenacity. Col. 1:23

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