The Mystery of Prayer

Prayer is an opportunity to bring our will into line with God’s plans. It is an opportunity to demonstrate our trust in God. It is speaking with God. Psalm 4:1-8. It is an awesome privilege to face the Almighty God in order to experience Him Heb. 4:14-16. Jesus has made possible for us access unto God’s presence. He desires us to bless us indeed; much more than we are willing to receive. This He does so that we will find the fullest joy and satisfaction in Him and thus He is glorified.
Why We Should Pray. Gen. 25:21
1. It reflects our dependence on God. We are nothing without |God and we need Him in all things. Our feeble arms cannot bring us even the smallest victory. All depends on God.
2. It is far better than complaining to each other. We can take our anxieties unto God, for He is ever ready to hear us and answer us.
3. It can restore our relationship with God. As we continually abide with Him in prayer, our knowledge of Him grows and we know Him in increasing measure
The Methods of Prayer
1. Pray with an attitude of deep respect for God.
2. Pray with confidence in God’s grace Neh. 2:1-10
3. Pray with humility and sincerity.
4. Pray for others. Col. 1:8-14.

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