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The Probable Pitfalls in Making Choice of Whom to Marry

The choice of a life partner is a very important step one has to take in life as it can go a long way in determining one’s life and eternity. Abraham’s servant prayed unto God for a wife for Isaac. In answer to his prayer, God provided Rebekah who rendered service unto him. Service is a factor that introduces one to. the best of all that God can bestow upon a man, including marriage. Most of a person’s life is spent in marriage..
Since marriage is permanent, in the choice of a life-partner one should be wary of the following:
1. The choice of a partner is not an unbeliever. We can never convert them. The Holy Spirit does.
2. Not for economic reasons. Not based only on comforts and the material things of life.
3. Not based on infatuation or love at first sight. Do not base your decisions on looks alone because beauty is very deceptive. Prov. 31:30; 2 Sam. 13:1.
The basic ingredients of a marriage that glorifies God are:
1. Young people need to be careful that physical attraction and strong impulses do not influence them. This will only show itself to be lust in the long run.
2. The choice of a life partner should be based on good understanding, not on physical looks. 1 Sam. 25:3. A man’s success is judged by his the understanding and love in his family.
3. Go for a wife or husband with insight of God’s word and ways. Successful marriage is not based on material things or social status, no matter how important these are.


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