The True Worshippers

Worship brings satisfaction to God. It is a joy to Him. God seeks for such worshipers, but he finds many not such as he would have them. A true worshiper is that which worships god in spirit and truth. This is an important part of our communion with God. Jesus made the true worship known to us. He introduced us to the way of worship that is acceptable unto the Father – spiritual worship.
The spiritual atmosphere cannot be penetrated by knowledge. It takes those who pray in the spirit to prevail with God and man. It is the spiritual worship that is the true worship which the Father seeks. It is only in Christ and through Christ that the worshipers can worship God acceptably. Col. 1:13-15; Heb. 2:14. Only the spiritually alive can worship God in the spirit. Our worship is pleasing to God when we have been quickened from death in sin through the death of Christ. We are alive unto God to give him the worship he desires.
Jesus told the Samaritan woman that there must be harmony between God and His worshipers. Anyone who fellowships with God will experience progress in their endeavors. Anyone who is spiritually alive cannot be blinded. God is Spirit. His infinite perfection is in every wise.


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