Service and Committment


The highest attainment in life is not in having servants but in being a servant. The importance of a man in a place is in involvement in service – willingly engaging in activities that bring impact and benefit to someone else. Doing the utmost to add value to another is an impact that will last for a lifetime. Jesus placed a high premium on this because it is centered on others, not on ourselves.
What It Means To Be A Servant
1. Philippians 2:5-9. Jesus humbled Himself through obedience. It takes someone who knows a need in the life of others to serve to meet that need. Good service does not consider its own advantage but is moved by love for God and others. What is our impact in the lives of others?
Jesus showed us what is service through obedience. All that we have in life is not for us alone but for the multitudes of lives that are linked to us.
2. Matthew 20:20-28. Jesus revolutionalized our understanding of leadership by employing a downward approach. Our privilege oa people that have been entrusted with God’s resources does not call for undue service and honour from others. Rather, we have the responsibility of serving others with the grace that the Lord has given to us. Our true worth as people called of God lies in communicating to meet the needs of others.
3. John 13:1-7. Jesus models how far we are to go in serving one another by performing the task of a slave.


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