The Holy Spirit and His Experience

As the Lord Jesus rose from the dead and ascended up to Heaven, He gave His disciples the promised Holy Spirit to empower them in their witness of Him to the world. The Holy Spirit also made it possible for them, and indeed us as Christians, to live a life pleasing unto God. He imparts the grace and strength to live such that, as we daily abide in Christ, His strength is revealed in us. What God has done in the sacrificing of His Son and the pouring out of His Spirit upon men should provoke us to live a life that is wholly dedicated to God in all tings. We know that all things are made possible for us through Christ that is in us.
We must realise that the possibilities of faith are endless. It enables us primarily to understand the work of Christ on the Cross. Through this:
1. Salvation s possible to him that believes.
2. Sanctification is possible to him that believes.
Purifying our hearts by faith is a divine process of salvation. Just as we believed in Christ for salvation, so also must we have faith in Him to draw closer unto us as w daily draw closer to Him. Sanctification can only be true by faith in Jesus. Let us then, desire to know God in increasing measure; to dwell in His presence; to find absolute satisfaction in Him and to order our lives after His plans and purposes. when we become Christ’s dwelling place, our interior life and divine imparting of the Holy Spirit is made possible.

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