The Cross

The Pains of the Cross

The cross is the symbol of punishment for hardened criminals. It was the cruelest form of capital punishment the Romans executed on anyone deserving of death. The victim was hanged on the cross by nails; and is thus forced to support himself on his legs which were also nailed to the cross. It was shameful and painful and regarded as the worst form of execution. On the cross, Christ suffered and died; not for His sins, but for our sins. It was the climax of Christ’s suffering for humanity in order to redeem them from eternal destruction. His death on the cross satisfied the requirements for man’s salvation and thus man is free.
Different kinds of pain that Jesus endured on the cross:
1. Physical pain. Psychological torment. Mark 15:24. He was humiliated, crowned with thorns, beaten severely and sorely despised. Our recognizing and reckoning with this pain liberates us from pain, for by His stripes we are healed and made perfectly whole. The enemy does not have authority to afflict us any longer because Jesus bore all te pain we were meant to bear.
2. The pain of bearing sin Isaiah 53:6. The sins of the whole world was laid upon Christ on the cross. After He suffered and died, He rose up again in victory, having conquered all principalities and powers and the hosts of Satan, stripping them of their authority. Thus Christ bought salvation for mankind. As man is free from the consequences of sin, he is also free from the power of sin. Sin should not lord over us anymore because we now have the power to say no to every advances of sin.


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