The Promise of the Father

The Lord Jesus Christ promised His disciples before His ascension the Holy Spirit that would be with them forever. They had enjoyed fellowship with Christ; they had been with Him everywhere He went. When it was time for Jesus to return back to Heaven, He would not leave his disciples empty handed and comfortless. He promised them that He would send the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit would make them to have the abiding presence of Christ and to empower them. The disciples had been fearful and incapable of handling the responsibility that Jesus Christ had given unto them. However, the Holy Spirit would enable them to do it according to God’s will. He would use them as His vessels to fulfill God’s mandate. He does not require us to seek to please God by our strength; but willful seeking of Him passionately in our heart and yielding to Him wholly. Then He can employ our members in the service of God to His glory.
How to Receive The Promise Of The Holy Spirit
1. We must believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 1 John 5:11,13,20.
2. Appropriating what the Cross stands for in our lives.
3. We must prepare our hearts. We must be receptive and ready to receive.
4. We must be dispossessed of everything that belongs to the devil and be possessed of everything that belongs to God.
5. We must be vessels thoroughly purged.
6. We must be desperate for the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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