We are Victors 2

To sustain our victory in Christ, we must:
2. Pursue holiness. A healthy fear of the Lord is a strong motivator to walk in holiness. Proverbs 9;10. Jacob experienced a life-changing encounter with God through the night and he became another person altogether. he had been a supplanter before God met him and he was changed totally. Genesis 17:1-10.
In pursuit of holiness, we are to:
– Understand that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of holiness. Psalm 111:5. When we have a revelation of God, we will know certainly who God is and what pleases Him. we will be afraid to do anything that displeases Him.
– Trust in God for he will shield you and keep you from the dangers that are in the paths of life.
– Walk in God’s righteousness. It will revive you. Devote yourself to the fear of the Lord and obey Him always. Seek after the Lord a sincere heart to know Him and He will reveal Himself.
– Call upon the Lord in the pursuit of holiness. He will surely hear and fulfill the desires of those who fear Him.
– The Lord takes pleasure in those who fear Him. Put your hopes in His mercy.
4. Walk in faith. Abraham faced the fact that he and Sarah were too old to bear a child; yet, he held on to the conviction he had about God’s promise. Walk in confidence in all that God can do.
– Put your hope in God’s word to you. Isaiah 33;6. It would comfort you in times of suffering. Psalm 119;49,50.

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