New Creation Man

We are Victors

If one is with God, one is more than majority. Gideon did not require a huge number of people in order to be victorious against the countless army of the Midianites. His strength and wisdom did not give him victory, but the strong hand of the Lord. we must realize the fact that when we seem to be succeeding by our own strength does not mean that God is with us. nothing of our power or might can bring us victory without the hand of the Lord. 1 sam. 14:6. The fruits of our own strength can abide for a little while, but will fail utterly when it matters most. There is a covenant of life and victory for us as we continue in Christ where the Spirit of the Lord energizes us to do things we cannot ordinarily do. Thus it is necessary for us to sustain ourselves in God’s presence and our victory in Christ.
To sustain our victory in Christ:
1. We must grow in godliness. Godly character always attracts favour from God who looks upon the hearts of men. Ps. 62;11. We should not try to build confidence in the flesh.
a. We must live in a way that pleases him; daily patterning our lives after the life of Christ.
b. Understand that God blesses us and pours out His favour on us so that His salvation will reach to the ends of the earth. ps. 67:1,2. We are to be stewards of His high calling and are going to be accountable unto God.
c. Give to the needy. Become an answer to the prayer someone has been praying. Allow God to use you as a honourable vessel to bring happiness and joy to the hearts of men so that the knowledge of God can prevail upon the earth.

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