Commitment is a willingness to give time and energy to something we believe in; a promise or a firm decision to do something. It is when we give our energy -even our life – to a cause that will abide after we have long gone. The achievement of any goal or purpose takes commitment from us. We cannot be what God has ordained us to be if we are not committed to finding out His will for our lives and living it out, no matter the challenges we encounter.
The Scriptures exhort us to commit our ways to the Lord, Psalm 37:5. This is because He is the One who has charted out the course of our lives before we were formed in the womb. He knows what we are capable of becoming. However, he will not force us against our will. He desires us to be committed to knowing Him. This glorifies Him and gladdens His heart.
What it Means to be Committed to Jesus
1. It requires the decision of the mind followed by an act of the will. Matt. 4:19, 20; Luke 9:23. The disciples let go of their nets immediately when they encountered Christ. They saw Him as One who held the key to their life; who would make their lives attain to their fullest potential. Christ is desiring to give purpose and meaning to our lives. Nothing on earth apart from him can give us hope. Shall we not give up all for the sake of gaining Christ? Think about this!
2. Commitment to the Lord manifests itself in obedient truth. Psalm 37:5,6.Our love for God is revealed when we will not give in to the challenges around us. Our Commitment reflects in everything we do. Let us obey Him even at the cost of our life; for He is faithful and will not allow anything to work for our destruction but to the glory of His name.


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