Service and Committment

Exercising Our Spiritual gifts

giftsWe must know the mandate of God for our lives. Moses knew his when God called out to him from the burning bush at Mount Horeb. Joseph knew his when at Potiphar’s house, he would not sin against God by lying with Potiphar’s wife; hence putting his life in jeopardy. Jeremiah was called from the womb and ordained of God to be a prophet. And these men God gave supernatural abilities to perform their assignments.. A spiritual gift is a God-given capacity to perform a function in the Body of Christ. It is the supernatural energy that comes from God; the gift that God gives.
What The Gifts Produce in Our Lives:
1. A deep sense of Joy. Inner feeling of joy, power and purpose because the Spirit of God is in us.
2. A meaningful and purposeful result mproduced not by our feeble strength but that of God.
3. It produces a sense of call,; a symbol of God’s hand upon a man
How To Identify Our Spiritual Gifts;
1. Obey the Scriptures. Isaiah 1:19
2. Seek to know it. Develop it and use it. We don’t know the strength we have until demand is made upon it and we put it into use. we should alwqays put God’s word into use in our lives.
3. Confirmation from otrhers. Most usually we don’t see this grace upon us. When others see this strength; they allude to the fact that God’s hand is upon us.Acts 9:10
4. Consistent prayer We must not be satisfied with the status quo. We must be despewrate. 1 Cr. 12:31
5. Devote yourself to what you can do best.

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