Service and Committment

How Can I Serve God in My Life

serveThe people had been fed by the divine providence in the ministry of Jesus. They saw Jesus as One who is available to meet all their needs. They were much more concerned with their physical needs than their spiritual needs. Hence, there was a void that could not be filled by food or any physical possession. When Jesus admonished them about their need to be concerned much more with their spiritual lives, they were perplexed as to they were expected to do. They asked Him, “What shall we do that we might work the works of God?”
Do we not experience this in our lives? We labour for our comfort and satisfaction; yet to our dismay, we find that we are not satisfied. The more we have, the more our emptiness seems to be. We do all things with the whole of our hearts but there is nothing to show for it. What shall we do? How can we fill the void in our life? The answer: Believe in the One God sent; the Lord Jesus Christ. The good part we can choose that will satisfy us is to be with the Master; to thrust ourselves into His loving arms.
1. Obey and Serve God. Joshua 2:2-5. Carefully and diligently seek Him to do His will with a joyful heart. Let His love for you provoke you to know Him more through His Word.
– Take heed and be careful to do his will and to walk in His ways. Cleave unto him
– Continue to be diligent to this end irrespective of all forms of barriers that beset your path. Heb. 6:11
– Love the Lord your God with all your heart. This involves everything about us: our comforts, our sacrifice, our ambitions and even our very life. Deut. 6:5
2. Honour God and worship Him only with integrity and honesty. Let your heart exalt and enthrone Him.


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