Our Manifestation, Our Union with Christ


Fruitfulness comes only as we abide in Christ. Apart from Him we can do nothing whatsoever. Our position and union with Christ makes for the fulfillment of our destiny. This union includes the fact that:
I. We are in Christ. We have been hidden in Christ and He is our covering.
ii. Christ is in us. He indwells us and enables us to live according to the will of the Father by His Spirit.
Iii. Christ is with us. He is ever with us. Thus we have a blessed union with Him; that which cannot be replaced by any other, no matter how good they seem to be.
We must understand that we have inheritance in Christ prepared for us before the foundation of the world. Our being born again is a reality of all that existed in the heart of God. He had ordained it before time. And thus we can only become what we were born to be only when we are born again by faith in Christ Jesus. Our light can only shine forth with the brightest intensity only as we have constant, unbroken fellowship with God.
What The richness of Our Present Life in Christ Entails:
1. We have died and have been raised with Christ. Rom. 7:6
2. We have new life in Christ. we no longer belong to the old creation and its nature, its life. We have a higher calling in God, a life that can never be compared with any other.
3. All our actions can and should be done in Christ. We should live with this consciousness.
4. All Christians together are one body in Christ john 13:35.
5. The effect of the death of Christ is our ground for manifestation. Col. 2:12.


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