The Arm of Flesh Fails

The arm of flesh is any of man’s efforts, plans and wealth without God. The moment a man begins to trust in his strength, he begins to fall from the little height to which he has attained. We must never desire to have any glory for ourselves. Only God deserves the glory. No man can have anything except it has been given to him from God. We have nothing of ourselves to glory about. Great riches cannot sustain a man when challenges come. The hand of God is everything a man needs to succeed in life. The arm of flesh will certainly fail when it matters most. Psalms 44:3.
God hates the conducts of the flesh. We must allow the Holy Spirit to lead us through the most shameful paths, if necessary, so that the flesh may be put to death. God sometimes allow us to fail so that He might prove to us the futility of trusting the arm of the flesh. The strength of a man without the Holy spirit is nothing.
Don’t build your strength on things that are temporal in this world but on Christ the Solid Rock who cannot fail. Rom.7:18,19.


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