The Existence of the Holy Spirit


The spirit is the organ by which men communicate with God. The spirit of a man is its inner man and it is used in communing with God. The spirit is our divinity. Anyone who wants to give the spirit its fullest expression must take his/her eyes away from what he/she knows physically. That makes for the fortification of the spirit.
The spirit of Moses came in connection with the Spirit of God to be led to divide the red sea with a rod.
The spirit of Samson connected with the Spirit of God to lift up the city gate also to tear the lion into two. Men easily connect with what they see, can feel, relate with and what they know. But a man of the Spirit SEES the UNSEEN.
If we don’t have the knowledge of the spirit, we cannot worship God. Worshiping God requires depth in the spirit. God can only be worshiped in the spirit. When we substitute the spirit with “soulish” or emotional approach, the best cannot be gotten.
ICor.5 :4, Roman8:16, IICor. 14:14, 14:32, Prov. 5:28, Heb. 12:23, Zech. 12:1.


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