The Manifestation of Sons

The Manifestation of the Holy Spirit and Sons


Then manifestation of the Spirit in us is determined by the quality of the seed inside us. What we will become in life is not a resemblance of what we are now. But the things we allow and do now will determine what will become of us in future. Our outward character and virtue is of little worth if the content f the seed in us is bad. It will be unproductive and disappoint us when we need it most. But the Holy Spirit works in us to complete and sustain all that God has said concerning us, only as we abide in Him that the seed in us can be preserved from being corrupted by the evils of the world. Acts. 2:4;10:38. The Holy Spirit gives us boldness to access the very throne and presence of God. 2 cor. 1:22; and then the glory of the Father will rest upon us. The Holy Spirit brings God’s abundant blessings and victory upon a man,. The departure of the Holy Spirit a man void of the blessings of God. Isaiah 63:10.
Five Aspects of the work of the Holy Spirit:
1. The Holy Spirit empowers.
a. He gives life. Psalm 104:30
b. He gives power for service. Joshua with wisdom and leadership skills Deut. 29:34.
c. He delivers one from the oppressors. Judges 13;25.
2. The Holy Spirit reveals.
3. The Holy Spirit purifies.
4. The Holy Spirit unifies.
5. The Holy Spirit gives stronger or weaker evidence of the presence of God according to our response to Him.


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