The Manifestation of Sons

What is involved in Being Committed unto God


The Scriptures exhort us to commit our ways to the Lord, Psalm 37:5. This is because He is the One who has charted out the course of our lives before we were formed in the womb. He knows what we are capable of becoming. However, he will not force us against our will. He desires us to be committed to knowing Him. This glorifies Him and gladdens His heart.
1. God requires our sacrifice. Exodus 24:3
2. God demands our whole-hearted commitment to give up all other matters, no matter how important. Joshua 24:14; Matt. 6:21.
3. If we are truly committed unto God, we will gladly give from our assets. 1 Chron. 29:5, Pro. 3:9
4. Commitment to God means commitment to do good to other people. Acts 5:14.
5. It involves giving God everything, even our bodies to use as He wishes. Rom. 6:13
Advantages of Being Committed unto God
1. God will always prompt people’s hearts to supply the needs of His people.
2. God supplies us with emotional, physical, social and mental needs in the nick of time.
3. God often returns all acts of kindness according to the law of sowing and reaping.
4. God used the obedience of Paul to work miracles.
5. God used the healing of one to encourage other to come for a special touch from the Lord.
6. The recipients of God’s blessings express their gratitude with many gifts.
7. A great sense of belonging.

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