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The Fool Says There is no God


A fool is a person who says that there is no God or that God cannot do anything. A fool is senseless towards what God can do and therefore esteem honourable things lightly. He despises instructions. 1 Sam. 25:21; Ps. 92:6; 106:17; Pro. 1:22.
A fool does not retain God in his knowledge. He goes about doing things according to the dictates of the flesh. The flesh rules him, and he becomes a prisoner of his carnal desires and passions. Rom. 1:28.
How we can avoid foolishness:
– Have regard for God. Lk. 12: 15-21.
-Don’t allow the cares of the world choke you from bringing glory to God. Lk. 8:14.
– Don’t give attention to yourself so that your life will not become filled with the cares of life. Lk. 21:34.
– Do not allow the desire of pleasure to overtake you. Joshua 7:21.
– Don’t make the precious things of this world your hope and confidence. Job 31: 24-25.
– If riches increase, set not your heart on it. Ps. 62:10.
– Learn to be contented. Ps. 37: 16; Pro. 15;16.
– When your treasure is laid up in Heaven, it destroys foolishness. Matt. 16: 19-21.


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