Bible Study Outlines

Characteristics of the Peacemakers

Jesus is called Prince of Peace as a result of His divine nature and the work He came to do on the earth (Isaiah 9:6). He was sent by the Father to deliver mankind from the power of sin and to reconcile man to God and restore the glory that was once lost in the Garden of Eden as a result of sin. The life of Jesus demonstrated this virtue vividly in the Scripture and teaches us to live the exemplary life. A peace-making dutiful person should ensure that every situation and things in the life of people bring harmony, joy, happiness, reconciliation etc and stamp out strife, confusion, conflict, disorderliness, lawlessness, deception etc. It is of a great strength if we can be enlisted as part of band of army for this great work. Our prayer is that through this study the Lord will open up His words unto us and make us to be doers of His words in Jesus Name (Amen).

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