Power From on High

The Enduement of the Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the Comforter Jesus promised that He would be with us forever. He does the work of Christ on the Earth, empowering believers to live victoriously and also to be conformed after then image of Christ. He makes available unto us power to do the mighty works Jesus did, for the expansion of the Kingdom of God upon the Earth. It is therefore expedient that we as Christians make ourselves available unto Him so that He can do His work in us as He pleases.
The Conditions of Being Endued with The Holy Spirit:
1. Repentance from sin: A radical departure from who we are and what we do. Total turning away from sin.
2. Repentance from unbelief. Unbelief makes it impossible for us to access all that has provided for us in Christ Jesus. In fact, without faith, we cannot even please Him. It is not only enough we believe in Him; we must also trust in Him, for this is a conviction from our hearts. Mark 1:15
What Produces Repentance That Leads to Life
1. Exposure to God’s character of love and goodness. Rom. 2:4; Dan. 6:3.
2. We must sit at His feet and contemplate His love and goodness. A life of worship.
3. Genuine repentance makes us to give up ourselves in the arms of God. Then we cease from doing the works which has no eternal value but that whose significance will echo through time and eternity.


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