Sacrifice and Thanksgiving


Sacrifice means giving to God whatever He requires of us – our time, earthly possessions and energy – to further His work. it is that which costs us something, for it has worth. The LORD God has given us all He has – His Son, Jesus Christ. Shall He not freely give us all things?

Our willingness to give to God is an indication of our devotion to God. Is there anything in life that we can withhold from Him who gave us all He had? Nothing. if we truly love God, nothing can ktake the place of His affection in our hearts. we would be willing to give up all things for His sake. this gladdens His heart and provokes His blessings upon us. Psalm 41:1-3. Abraham was willing to sacrifice his only, promised child because God requested for him; and God swore, in His passion, to bless Abraham exceedingly. Our sacrifices are a token of our love unto God and a means through which He lavishes His blessings on us.

God often blesses us not only for our sake, but for the sake of others. The farm of the rich man yielded greatly, but he kept all he had unto himself without considering the poor. Luke 1216-34. If our worldly riches is not iuseful to Gpod in meeting the needs of others, it is a sign of poverty. God’s good gifts to us are of little eternal value unless we are willing, if necesary, to give it back to Him so that He can use it as a bkessing to every life it touches.

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