The Spirit of Dominion

The Spirit of Dominion

We are the children of the Most High God, called to be kings and priests unto Him. He has, through the sacrifice of His Son, given us dominion. we stand to stamp His rule and authority on all things because He has richly blessed us.

What brings the blessedness of God to bear upon our lives?

  1. know that you need God very much. You are blessed because you are of His kingdom. he has translated us from the kingdom of darkness into His Kingdom where joy never ceases. matt. 11:6,25.
  2. Some people are sad now because of all in this place. God will help them to feel better. When we are helped of the Lord, we are most blessed.
  3. Some people know that they are not powerful nor humble. they do not think of themselves as anything. they are blessed because God will give them what he has promised them. Matt. 18:1-13.
  4. Some people want to obey God more than they want to do anything else. The LORD is their greatest desire. God will give to them all they need. Ps. 119:2.
  5. Some people are kind and forgive other people. they hold no grudges against others, even when they are justified in doing so. they are blessed becauseĀ God will be kind to them and he will forgive them. Matt/ 6:14-15.
  6. Some people do not want to do wrong things. they consecrate themselves daily unto God in the midst of a compromising generation. They are blessed because they will see God. Ps. 51:6,10.

Happy new year and best of God this year.

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