Spiritual Life

The Word – Rich In You

The wealth of God’s glory is due to his word. His word is the divine stamp of His person and the final authority over all things whether in Heaven or in earth. By it, he created the  world. It is this same word He gave us, by which we can have access to His providence and creative power. The Word of God must “become flesh” in  us before we can see its  manifestation in our lives. It must dwell richly in us (Col. 3:16). We can do this by:

  1. Searching the Scriptures: Because it reveals to us who God is, His nature and His plans for us.
  2. Make it dwell in our heart: The word must not only be upon our lips but also in our hearts. We must carefully and diligently meditate upon it. We must teach it, talk of them at all times and make it our waking thoughts. Let it become the rule of our lives.
  3. Esteem God’s word more than our daily food: There must be an intense desire for God’s word. Having a desire to see the life he promised us in His word being manifested in reality would help us to esteem God’s word. Job 23:2
  4. Hide it in our hearts: This involves treasuring it in our hearts because the enemy constantly looks to remove it from us so that it would not be productive. We must think about the word day and night.
  5. make the word abide in us: The word of God gives us the ability to overcome the wicked one. It also helps us to continue in our fellowship with God. There must be a deliberate effort in allowing the Word to abide in us. When the word corrects or challenges us, we submit to it and make necessary adjustments. Then, the Word of God will become manifested in our life.

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