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New Creation


The Spirit of God brings life unto our spirit such that God’s life is communicated  unto our spirit. This life affects our soul and our bodies and therefore we are new creatures in every sense of the word. The old life and everything it represents have been done away with. The uncreated life of God becomes the new order.

Implications of the New Creation Life on Us:

  1. Jesus reconciled the world back to God by His blood. His blood paid the full price of our sins and debts. Hence we have been certified righteous by God. We become the righteousness of God, displaying the power of God’s glory. 2 Corinthians 5:21. This righteousness makes us approach the presence of God, our Father, at any time without any fear or intimidation.
  2. Jesus has committed unto us the ministry of reconciliation. He now commands us to show others this way of life. Many people sitting in a great darkness of despair and sorrow long for this light of God’s love to dawn upon us, and God has made us the light-bearers. 2 Corinthians 5:19. We are the branch of Christ, the True Vine. We must bear fruit. John 15:2,5
  3. We shall be saved with everlasting salvation because we have a right standing with God. However, this has nit given us a license to sin. Jesus did not save us to sin but from sin. Isaiah 45:17.
  4. God is in Christ and Christ is in us . This is a formidable union which the devil dreads, hence his constant assaults to dislodge us from our position in Christ. We must do everything possible to ensure that we remain and abide in Him. John 14:20

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