Character and Indulgence

Thanksgiving as a Christian Character

Christian character is defined by our personality traits, our behaviours. This is the sum total of who we are. It encompasses C our attitudes towards God and His service, material possessions, time and everything we have in this life. And the Lord watches our characters closely. He notices our attitudes to everything. Everything about us stands or falls by our character.

The Scriptures tells us to give thanks to God in everything because it is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning us. 1 Thess. 5:18. God desires us to acknowledge Him for everything we have and things we are yet to receive. When we give thanks to God for them, our hearts will not be troubled as to seek after things the world gives. We look up to God as our Provider and Sustainer and then live our lives in appreciation to Him. This God delights in greatly.

How should we react when life burdens us with its challenges? Let’s make them known to God. God wants to be involved in everything that concerns us. He wants to be our All in All. Therefore let us be careful for nothing, but give thanks to God. Phil. 4:6. Abraham did not strive with Lot because He appreciated God’s presence. God’s presence meant much more to Him than the field. He had a great character because of His constant dependence on God. Job’s life was very great because of His great fear of God. In unfriendly circumstances, He appreciated God still. He knew that God could turn the tide at any moment.

A life of great character in God’s sight is a life that has a great fear of God, constantly living in awe and appreciation to God.


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