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The Shepherd’s Staff

The blessings of the Lord upon us usually attract the envy of the enemy. Daniel’s enemies made a plot to destroy him because he was better than them. Daniel 6:1-5. They devised a means to make the king cast him into the lions’ den. But God kept him and upturned the plots of the wicked… Continue reading The Shepherd’s Staff

New Creation Man, Spiritual Life

New Creation: Union With Christ

New creation is the relationship between believers and Christ through which we receive all the benefits of salvation. It is the only means by which God can communicate His life unto us. As the foetus is united with its mother through the umbilical cord and thereby receives nourishment, so also are we united with Christ. It… Continue reading New Creation: Union With Christ

New Creation Man, Spiritual Life

New Creation: Zealous for God

Zeal means passionate energy for a belief in God – a heart for God. It is a passion that drives one to pursue God and His will in the face of setbacks and seemingly overwhelming odds. It should characterize our spiritual life. Jesus was zealous for the sanctity of the temple of God. He drove out… Continue reading New Creation: Zealous for God