Spiritual Life

The Shepherd’s Staff


The blessings of the Lord upon us usually attract the envy of the enemy. Daniel’s enemies made a plot to destroy him because he was better than them. Daniel 6:1-5. They devised a means to make the king cast him into the lions’ den. But God kept him and upturned the plots of the wicked against themselves. In the same way, God frustrated the counsel of the Jews that made an oath not to eat anything until they kill Paul. Acts 23:12-16.

Let’s always remember that our Shepherd’s staff is powerful to quell the rage of the wicked against us. Let’s maintain our faith and confidence in Him. He will bear us safely to the place He has prepared for us. As God leads us with His staff, He also empowers us to be His envoys. He has equipped us with the answer to the challenges facing people. He has deposited His grace upon us which is our responsibility exercise.

Joseph became the answer to the problem of famine in Egypt. But he had built His capacity by being consistent in his relationship with God. He knew that God had equipped him, and he did everything to develop it. We too have a responsibility of developing the ability God has given us for the good of men. We must handle things with excellence because we are the representation of God Almighty. It starts wit the things we do now. Let’s be consistent in cultivating that grace now and then we would not be found wanting when it matters most.

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