Enter Glory with Praise


The means by which we access our glory and inheritance is praise. Isaiah 35:10. If we would have eternal gladness, let us offer to God sacrifice of praise. Psalm 103:20; Ps. 150:6. God blessed us because it is His delight to do so. Let’s recognize His many blessings, treasure them and use them as a means to glorify Him.

How Praise brings Glory:

1. Showers rain down on us as blessings from heaven. Ezek. 34:26; Job 36:26-30. As the sun beams its glory o the seas, so also God causes His glory to shine on mankind. It is indeed a moment of refreshing and blessing.
2. Our hearts should be warm towards God in response to the blessings He has given. When werealise that God has blessed us out of the abundance of His mercies, we thrust ourselves at Hisfeet in loving surrender. God’s blessings should awaken in us the desire to glorify Him.
3. Our praises are to arise to God like the vapours that are created by the sun on the sea. As He blesses us, the fruit of praise on our lips should abound. We praise Him for His mercies.
4. Our praises form clouds of glory that fall in due time. As the cloud condenses to give rainfall upon the earth, our praises are working for us more outpouring of God’s blessings.
5. As the excess rain from the rivers that run to the sea return to the atmosphere and the whole process repeats itself, so should we offer continual praises to God. The amount of glory we receive is governed by the amount of praise we have sent up. Ecc. 1:7; 11:3; Hosea 6:3.



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