God’s Habitation – Our Hope and Glory

God’s glory shines forth from His dwelling place. Everything is in darkness and chaos until God’s light shines to set them in order. The darker the night, the greater the need for light.

The world is domiciled by evil, bereaved of hope. The devil operated with so much ruthlessness and authority because He had the legal ground to do so. We were without God and without hope in this world. We struggled and sighed under the great burden of sin.

With every passing moment, things got worse until the light of God suddenly broke forth. As a brand plucked out of the fire, He has removed us from the corruption so that He may make us carriers of His light.

Jesus came as the Light of God unto us, but He has given us the mandate to sustain the influence of His light on the world. We are to be the embodiments of His light such that hope will be sustained in the world. As long as we are the world, we are the lights of the world.

We have nothing to do with darkness any longer. Our lot is to obey God and make our lives conducive for Him to inhabit. All forms of disobedience against God strengthens the hold of the flesh which is ruled by the devil.

The flesh is able to exercise its power if granted the opportunity. The flesh will seek compromise with us, pleading with us to deal gently with it. It will cry and plead with us not to be too ruthless with it. If we listen to its pleas, it will exercise itself and seek to dominate us at the slightest opportunity.

It must be dealt with. How? By submitting ourselves unto the Lord. If we do this, the flesh will have nothing to use as instruments to fulfill its passions. God comes in and inhabits it. As we abide in God and He abides in us. We must move along with the Holy Spirit.

Light is a defense against darkness. Since God dwells in us, we are no longer under the rule of the devil. But he will try to fight against us because we do not belong to him. He will raise up oppositions because we are threats to his kingdom. But God protects us from him. The devil is not fighting against us, but against the Spirit of God dwelling in us. The Spirit of God in us sets them in disarray. Therefore, we will not be afraid of ten thousands that set themselves against us. Psalm 3:6. God is the strength of our lives.


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