Why Relationship Fails

Our relationship with God fails because our desires differ from what God wants for our lives. We put our wants above the revealed will of God and willingly disobey Him so that we can fulfill our own ambitions. We fail to submit totally to God’s desires for our lives. Thus, we do not see the manifestations of His power readily in our midst. Our disobedience causes failure in our relationship with God and others because our mind is not in tune with what God wants. Lot’s wife fell short of God’s gracious visitation because her heart was not aligned to Him but on other things Gen. 19:16-27. If our mind is not in alignment with God, it breeds disobedience, which makes us fall short of His presence and power. Gen 37:29-30.

When we have healthy relationship with God or man, we surrender the totality of our lives to Him whenever He demands anything from us. Whatever he asks of us will be easy for us to do. Abraham’s relationship with God blossomed because He was willing to surrender everything to God when He demands for it. His heart followed after God, not the material things God promised him or the things he possessed. Gen 37: 27 – 28. In the same way, let our hearts be aligned to God such that our desires per time will be what He desires.


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