Stubborn Issues in Christian Marriage

Lasciviousness is sexual excesses in dressing, conduct, and act. Ephesians 5:3. It is one of the vices that is destroying the sexual purity of Christians, especially youths. It is the means by which the devil is making the foundation of a godly marriage to crumble. Solomon could not secure a good marriage despite his wealth,… Continue reading Stubborn Issues in Christian Marriage


Why Relationship Fails

Our relationship with God fails because our desires differ from what God wants for our lives. We put our wants above the revealed will of God and willingly disobey Him so that we can fulfill our own ambitions. We fail to submit totally to God’s desires for our lives. Thus, we do not see the… Continue reading Why Relationship Fails


Relationship: Not Time For Pleasure

God has blessed us so that we can be a blessing to others. The grace He has given to us is to serve others. Thus, our relationships with others should be on the platform of love – to be willing to give without thinking of being paid back. Serving others for recognition or to take… Continue reading Relationship: Not Time For Pleasure

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The Probable Pitfalls in Making Choice of Whom to Marry

The choice of a life partner is a very important step one has to take in life as it can go a long way in determining one’s life and eternity. Abraham’s servant prayed unto God for a wife for Isaac. In answer to his prayer, God provided Rebekah who rendered service unto him. Service is… Continue reading The Probable Pitfalls in Making Choice of Whom to Marry


Instructions to Singles on Marriage Issues

Marriage is an honourable institution that was ordained by God from the beginning of creation for companionship, perpetuation of the human race, partnership in managing God’s resources. The Bible says that he who finds a wife has found a good thing, and obtained favour from the Lord. It is the good will of the Lord… Continue reading Instructions to Singles on Marriage Issues