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Tongue – Great Instrument

One of the means by which a man can make or mar his life is by the use of his tongue, James 3:1-12; Pro. 15:1; 11:9. Many lowly men have risen from oblivion while great men have faded into insignificance because of what they have affirmed with their mouths. Many evil thoughts are projected into… Continue reading Tongue – Great Instrument


God’s Habitation – Our Hope and Glory

God's glory shines forth from His dwelling place. Everything is in darkness and chaos until God's light shines to set them in order. The darker the night, the greater the need for light. The world is domiciled by evil, bereaved of hope. The devil operated with so much ruthlessness and authority because He had the… Continue reading God’s Habitation – Our Hope and Glory


[Interview with Jim Caviezel] Living For God’s Glory

In the world full of sin, God wants us to realize that He loves us too much to leave us in our sins. He seeks for every available means to bring us into relationship with Him. In this powerful testimony, actor Jim Caviezel shares how God revealed Himself to him through series of encounters and… Continue reading [Interview with Jim Caviezel] Living For God’s Glory

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Service: The Release of Eternal Seed

Matt 9:35; 25:37-40; Luke 22:25-27; Acts 9:36-41 The measure of greatness and importance in God’s Kingdom is service and not status (Mat. 25:31-46; Acts 9:36-41). Our reputation may bring us approval before men but it is our service, borne out of a pure and unselfish heart, that brings us approval before God. This is at… Continue reading Service: The Release of Eternal Seed

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Disciple’s Devotion to Prayer

Prayer is the key to communicating and walking with God. During Jesus’ ministry on earth, He taught His disciples on how to pray. He was always going into a solitary place to commune with His Father. The place of prayer is where men are renewed or endowed with power and strength for ministerial assignment and… Continue reading Disciple’s Devotion to Prayer


Our Manifestation, Our Union with Christ

Fruitfulness comes only as we abide in Christ. Apart from Him we can do nothing whatsoever. Our position and union with Christ makes for the fulfillment of our destiny. This union includes the fact that: I. We are in Christ. We have been hidden in Christ and He is our covering. ii. Christ is in… Continue reading Our Manifestation, Our Union with Christ