Bible Study Outlines

The Second Coming of Christ

Current happenings in the world point to the eventual return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus had prophesied this long ago and had warned us to be careful of the perilous times we live in. As Christians, it is important for us to realise the gravity of Jesus’ warnings and to understand its implication for… Continue reading The Second Coming of Christ

Instruments of Power

Praise and Worship as Instruments of Power

Praise is an act of giving thanks to God for what He has done. Worship is an act of acknowledging God for who He is – his virtues. Praise, together with worship, is a key that unlocks closed doors, a weapon that breaks chains , a divine cordial that brings healing and deliverance. When we… Continue reading Praise and Worship as Instruments of Power

Bible Study Outlines

Relationship: Not Seeking For Self Pleasure

The opportunity we have to relate with others leaves an impression upon them about our relationship with God. God desires our relationships to bring glory to Him. “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in Heaven”. Matt. 5:16. Men seek God when… Continue reading Relationship: Not Seeking For Self Pleasure

New Creation Man, Spiritual Life

New Creation: Union With Christ

New creation is the relationship between believers and Christ through which we receive all the benefits of salvation. It is the only means by which God can communicate His life unto us. As the foetus is united with its mother through the umbilical cord and thereby receives nourishment, so also are we united with Christ. It… Continue reading New Creation: Union With Christ

New Creation Man, Spiritual Life

New Creation: Zealous for God

Zeal means passionate energy for a belief in God – a heart for God. It is a passion that drives one to pursue God and His will in the face of setbacks and seemingly overwhelming odds. It should characterize our spiritual life. Jesus was zealous for the sanctity of the temple of God. He drove out… Continue reading New Creation: Zealous for God