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God’s Habitation and Glory Revealed

God's greatest desire is to reveal Himself to His children so that they may glorify Him. All His acts are to demonstrate the great love He has for us, in hope that we might realise this and turn to Him. He wants to fill us completely. He seeks fellowship with us. Jesus was God manifested… Continue reading God’s Habitation and Glory Revealed

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Disciples’ Devotion to the Oneness of the Body of Christ

The Trinity has been before the foundation of the world - God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. But one thing we could see is that their working relationship is in conjunction to each other, they are inseparable. In the same strength God has commanded us to work in unity or… Continue reading Disciples’ Devotion to the Oneness of the Body of Christ

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Disciple’s Devotion to Prayer

Prayer is the key to communicating and walking with God. During Jesus’ ministry on earth, He taught His disciples on how to pray. He was always going into a solitary place to commune with His Father. The place of prayer is where men are renewed or endowed with power and strength for ministerial assignment and… Continue reading Disciple’s Devotion to Prayer