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The Shepherd’s Staff

The blessings of the Lord upon us usually attract the envy of the enemy. Daniel’s enemies made a plot to destroy him because he was better than them. Daniel 6:1-5. They devised a means to make the king cast him into the lions’ den. But God kept him and upturned the plots of the wicked… Continue reading The Shepherd’s Staff

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Service: The Release of Eternal Seed

Matt 9:35; 25:37-40; Luke 22:25-27; Acts 9:36-41 The measure of greatness and importance in God’s Kingdom is service and not status (Mat. 25:31-46; Acts 9:36-41). Our reputation may bring us approval before men but it is our service, borne out of a pure and unselfish heart, that brings us approval before God. This is at… Continue reading Service: The Release of Eternal Seed