Bible Study Outlines


God is intentional in everything He does. He has a clear purpose for everyone He has created on Earth. We do not exist because we desired it, but because God desired it. Yet, many people live far below God’s purpose for their lives such that their lives have a little impact both in time and… Continue reading Endurance

Bible Study Outlines

Exceeding Grace

God has made a provision for every one of His precious children out of the abundance of His wealth. But often times, we seek to be independent of God and work apart from Him. We set aside His grace so that we can boast about the fruits of our labours. While we do this, we… Continue reading Exceeding Grace

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Service: The Release of Eternal Seed

Matt 9:35; 25:37-40; Luke 22:25-27; Acts 9:36-41 The measure of greatness and importance in God’s Kingdom is service and not status (Mat. 25:31-46; Acts 9:36-41). Our reputation may bring us approval before men but it is our service, borne out of a pure and unselfish heart, that brings us approval before God. This is at… Continue reading Service: The Release of Eternal Seed