New Creation Man, Spiritual Life

New Creation: Union With Christ

New creation is the relationship between believers and Christ through which we receive all the benefits of salvation. It is the only means by which God can communicate His life unto us. As the foetus is united with its mother through the umbilical cord and thereby receives nourishment, so also are we united with Christ. It… Continue reading New Creation: Union With Christ

Bible Study Outlines

Bearing Fruits as Believers

Bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance was a statement made by John the Baptist in Matt 3:6. This indicates that when we passed from death to life, that is, when we are born again, our fruits must reflect the fruits of the spirit and not the works of the flesh. And for us to… Continue reading Bearing Fruits as Believers


Accessing the Supernatural

The supernatural is a realm that makes all things possible and accessible. There is no limitation. it is the realm where God dwells and the realm to which God is calling us to dwell. It is far above the natural realm. We cannot be limited by the wisdom of men if we access the supernatural.… Continue reading Accessing the Supernatural

The Manifestation of Sons

The Manifestation of the Holy Spirit and Sons

Then manifestation of the Spirit in us is determined by the quality of the seed inside us. What we will become in life is not a resemblance of what we are now. But the things we allow and do now will determine what will become of us in future. Our outward character and virtue is… Continue reading The Manifestation of the Holy Spirit and Sons

Character and Indulgence

The Strength of Good Character

Godly character enables us to walk according to the Spirit. The Spirit is more excellent than the best things the flesh does. The strength of good character is to walk according to the dictates of the Spirit. We should never fear to appropriate much knowledge concerning the Spirit. Num. 32:11-12. We should be extremely apprehensive… Continue reading The Strength of Good Character