Bible Study Outlines

Jesus and God’s Mandate on Him

The mandate of God on Jesus is to be offered as a sacrificial lamb in order to deliver mankind from the power of sin and to restore man to the original position and glory. When a mandate is given by higher authority, it is expected to be carried out according to the dictates.  Jesus came… Continue reading Jesus and God’s Mandate on Him

Bible Study Outlines

The Relationship of Jesus with His Father: Our Perfect Example

The relationship of our forefathers (Adam and Eve) with God was found faulty through sin but Christ came in form of a man to demonstrate the way to relate with the Father through complete obedience. The true relationship with God was evidently demonstrated by the life of Christ on earth saying that “of Himself, He… Continue reading The Relationship of Jesus with His Father: Our Perfect Example

Bible Study Outlines

Believers as Salts of the Earth

The use of salt on anything is always significant. It serves as purifier, sweetening, preservative and enhancement. Jesus likened His disciples or followers to be the salt of the earth that must not lose its flavour. Just as we are being called, we must all live up to the expectation and possess the qualities of… Continue reading Believers as Salts of the Earth

Bible Study Outlines

Pursue Righteousness

Righteousness is established in a man if he believes in Jesus Christ’ crucifixion and ascension and ready to walk daily in denying himself, taking up his cross and following the master (Luke 9:23). Christ has worked out this grace and we must all live in it. We must seek (Matt 6:33) for it with everything… Continue reading Pursue Righteousness

Power From on High

Being Endued with Power

Power from high comes only as the Spirit of God comes upon us. He comes to put a distinguishing mark that sets us apart for the work God has ordained for us to do. Isaiah 42:1; Col. 1:18,19. Opportunities come when everything seems hopeless. The impossibility the Israelites faced at the Red Sea with the… Continue reading Being Endued with Power

Bible Study Outlines

Disciples’ Devotion to the Oneness of the Body of Christ

The Trinity has been before the foundation of the world - God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. But one thing we could see is that their working relationship is in conjunction to each other, they are inseparable. In the same strength God has commanded us to work in unity or… Continue reading Disciples’ Devotion to the Oneness of the Body of Christ

Bible Study Outlines

Covenant Relationship

Biblical covenant is designed to be beneficial agreements between humans and God. When people obey, God always fulfills His promises. There are various instances that God established such covenants in the Bible. The covenant established with Abraham and Israel through Moses is referred to as old covenant. God has established a new covenant with us… Continue reading Covenant Relationship