The Spirit of Dominion

The Spirit of Dominion

We are the children of the Most High God, called to be kings and priests unto Him. He has, through the sacrifice of His Son, given us dominion. we stand to stamp His rule and authority on all things because He has richly blessed us. What brings the blessedness of God to bear upon our… Continue reading The Spirit of Dominion

Bible Study Outlines

Jesus and God’s Mandate on Him

The mandate of God on Jesus is to be offered as a sacrificial lamb in order to deliver mankind from the power of sin and to restore man to the original position and glory. When a mandate is given by higher authority, it is expected to be carried out according to the dictates.  Jesus came… Continue reading Jesus and God’s Mandate on Him

Character and Indulgence

The Image and Likeness of God is our Character

We are spiritual beings, quickened by the Spirit of God. We reflect the Spirit to the world by our character and conduct. The more we abide in His presence, the more glory we beam unto the world. The image of God reflects on the immaterial part of man. It sets us apart from animals. Hence… Continue reading The Image and Likeness of God is our Character