Enter Glory with Praise

The means by which we access our glory and inheritance is praise. Isaiah 35:10. If we would have eternal gladness, let us offer to God sacrifice of praise. Psalm 103:20; Ps. 150:6. God blessed us because it is His delight to do so. Let’s recognize His many blessings, treasure them and use them as a… Continue reading Enter Glory with Praise

Instruments of Power

Praise and Worship as Instruments of Power

Praise is an act of giving thanks to God for what He has done. Worship is an act of acknowledging God for who He is – his virtues. Praise, together with worship, is a key that unlocks closed doors, a weapon that breaks chains , a divine cordial that brings healing and deliverance. When we… Continue reading Praise and Worship as Instruments of Power


Accessing the Supernatural

The supernatural is a realm that makes all things possible and accessible. There is no limitation. it is the realm where God dwells and the realm to which God is calling us to dwell. It is far above the natural realm. We cannot be limited by the wisdom of men if we access the supernatural.… Continue reading Accessing the Supernatural