Service and Committment, Spiritual Life

The Beauty Ahead


God has apportioned a wonderful provision for His children. He carefully guides us in the way of life He has prepared for us. Every experience we have is a means by which he makes us fit for our inheritance, as in the case of Joseph. When God puts us in the ground, He doesn’t bury us but plants us. His intention is not to make us lose in the end, but to remove everything that clings to us that can frustrate His good plans for our lives. However, we must remain within the circumference of His will before what he says concerning us can be accomplished. It is only by yielding completely to Him that He can be free to do with us s He pleases.

Labour to retain yourself in the presence of God. Jesus said, “…the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, except it abides in the vine.” Our strength cannot sustain us in the journey of life, neither can any reward man gives us compensate for the things God has planned for us. Let us not be rat-race of life, seeking the meager blessings we the word can give us. God can bless us in a day with the things many people pursue their entire lives.

Ingredients that help us maintain our stability in God:

  1. Place premium on your relationship with God, Colossians 1:18.  If God raises a man up, nothing can pull him down. Our relevance in life comes only by hat God has said concerning us. If He has said it, we have the confidence that He would do it, because He cannot lie, Colossians 2:12-13.

  2. Seek those things that are above only, Colossians 3:1-3. If we have been lifted above, we are no longer under the influence of the things below. Let us think meditate deeply upon this until it become alive unto us. There is a deep gully between the realm God has placed us and that below. Let us not be bogged down by the cares and toils of this life, but seek passionately the will and glory of God.

  3. Our last days in God should perpetually make for our commitment to Him.

  4. Be found watching for the second coming of Christ.


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