Character and Indulgence

The Strength of Good Character

Godly character enables us to walk according to the Spirit. The Spirit is more excellent than the best things the flesh does. The strength of good character is to walk according to the dictates of the Spirit. We should never fear to appropriate much knowledge concerning the Spirit. Num. 32:11-12. We should be extremely apprehensive of how we use our minds in the pursuit of anything. Dan. 5:12-17. Whole-hearted following of God pays. The Spirit is our base for spiritual life. Thus nothing else can afford us depth of character apart from Him.
Spiritual usefulness lies in the understanding of our intuition, communion and conscience; not based on the thoughts or wisdom of men.
Communion with God can occur in the revelation of the Scriptures. As God reveals Himself unto us, let us take time to write them down and meditate thoroughly upon them.
Cultivating Our Communion With God:
1. Do things that will help you to develop the ability to sense His presence always.
2. Desire more for His [presence. God has promised to reveal Himself unto us if we seek Him with all our heart. Jeremiah 29:13. Be ever hunger to get more of Him.
3. Follow and obey the things that prompt His presence daily.
4. Develop those things that enhance your communion with God daily. Never leave His presence. Treasure and guard your communion with Him jealously.

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